Universal to-do reminder & alarm

Exercise, water plants, take a pill, keep drinking regime, refill this, replace that...

Do you keep forgetting? Do you not want to fill up your calendar with these repetitive tasks?

Then Repetimer is what you've been looking for!


  • create recurring reminder
  • create one-off alarm
  • set number of repeats for each reminder
  • enable sound, vibration or LED of notification separately
  • select LED color for notification*
  • set first occurrence of the event independently on recurrence
  • manually skip selected tasks
  • pin each notification to notification drawer
  • open a web page or another application directly from notification
  • alarm mode

  • home screen widget with 3 themes**
  • unlimited number of reminders**
  • set default values for new reminders
  • light and dark application theme

* must be supported by device

** full version only

Get it on Google Play
Repetimer Free
Get it on Google Play
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