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Snake15 is a collection of four retro snake games.

Each of them requires a different set of skills, thinking and of course a bit of luck.


Each dot eaten increases the length of your snake as well as your score.


Every eaten dot is followed by bonus dot. Bonus dots are available only for exact amount of time. Use the shortest path to get them!

Longer chain of bonus dots means higher reward.


Only bonus dots are available here and you are continuously losing your energy. Eat to stay alive!

If you run out of energy, it is over. If you fill your energy bar, you are promoted to higher level. Higher level means higher reward but also faster energy drain.


With every five eaten dots your snake will produce a special green dot. Eating the green dot makes the snake drop its tail and creates an obstacle.

Your goal is to fill the playground as much as possible with these dropped tails.

Are you ready to set your score?



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