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Tally Counter

Clickr allows you to count things, items, events, people, score, or keep track of your habits. Possibilities are truly limitless. For each clicker counter, you can specify a title, initial value, default values for increment/decrement, etc. You can even simply increase or decrease the counter by a custom value if needed.

Counter with Notes

You can add a short note or description to each click event. This adds additional information beyond the automatically saved date, time, and value. Naturally, click notes can be later edited or removed completely.

Counter with Timestamps

A timestamp of each click is stored. The entire history of timestamps for the selected counter can be then reviewed either as a list or summary in the graph over a selected period of time. A raw list of timestamps and click values can be exported for further processing.

Counter with Export & Import

Clickr covers most of what you would expect from a counter app. But it cannot do everything. That is why you can export raw data of a particular counter into a CSV file. CSV is a simple, yet versatile format that can be imported to any spreadsheet application like Excel. Exported data contains click value, time, date, and the optional note. Clickr can also import back its previously exported CSV files, making them work as a backup as well.

Counter with Statistics

Thanks to the timestamp feature, Clickr can provide detailed statistics for each tally counter. These statistics include average increment, the average interval between clicks, min, and max values, and more.

Counters and Privacy

All counter data, including timestamps and notes, are stored entirely locally on your device and are never analyzed or shared with anyone.

Clickr is not a simple clicker counter. Try it out and start counting your world today!

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