Tally Counter with Timestamps & Detailed Statistics

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Detailed Statistics

Timestamp History

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Custom Labels and Colors

Custom Initial and Step Values



Clickr allows you to count items, events, people, score, or keep track of your habits. Possibilities are limitless.

A timestamp of each click is stored and can be later reviewed either as a raw list or summary in the graph over a period of time.

You can quickly increase or decrease the value of every counter in the main list. Counters can be sorted by name, value, last timestamp, etc.

For each counter/clicker, you can specify a title, initial value, default values for increment/decrement, and color. For your convenience, you can specify different click values for short tap or long hold. You can even increase or decrease the counter by a custom value if needed.

Advanced statistics for each tally counter include average increment, the average interval between clicks, min and max values, etc.

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